The Purpose of a Website


The Purpose of a Website.

The following reasons would describe why a company or person should have a website

  • To establish an internet presence
  • It is an extension of your current advertising
  • To enhance your professional image/corporate identity
  • To offer company information and give the public a favourable impression
  • To educate customers and potential customers on products and services offered by you
  • To provide better customer service by providing information and feedback mechanisms
  • To increase public awareness of the your company’s name, brand or identity
  • To strengthen your position in the marketplace.
  • Create an internet  footprint for you
  • To strengthen brand identification
  • To develop a list of qualified prospects and leads 
  • It can sell products directly over the Internet taking credit cards and checks (e-commerce)
  • To make product or service information available to current customers
  • To make product or service information available to distributors
  • To bring in new clients or customers to our location via contact and map information
  • To compete in the global marketplace
  • To offer links to other relevant sites
  • To offer a virtual community, a place where users can interact with each other
  • To form a basis or platform for social media sharing
  • Keep clients and distributors informed on success stories/testimonials and industry related news