Orchard & Windbreak Recycling

Excavators with specialised attachments, three-wheel loggers and other loading equipment old orchards and windbreaks is removed from root to top and fed into a horizontal grinder (wood recycler) and recycled into usable wood chips.

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Mulch Spreading

Apply compost and mulch in existing and establishment of new plantations. The mulch spreader is the most effective method to spread wood chips evenly while wood chips offers a wide range of benefits to existing & new plantations.

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River Rehabilitation

The removal and recycling of these alien trees and the use of wood chips as mulch are spread in new and old orchards led to a massive water saving that is equal to the amount of water usage of 50 000 households for one year.

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Biomass & Mulch Sales

Africa Biomass Company collects wood chips, according to specifications, in mass trailers or in bags and then transported to the end user where it can be used as wood chip mulch or biofuel for various types of "green" applications.

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Waste Wood Recycling

Previously waste wood was burnt. This precious resource is available in large volumes and may either be used as wood chip mulch or biofuel for energy production. ABC specialises in the recycling and processing of this waste material.

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Land Clearing & Preparation

In partnership with Môreson Grondverskuiwers, an earthmoving company, Africa Biomass Company is experts at land clearing. We have an extensive range of highly specialised wood chippers and equipment that will do the job quickly and efficiently.

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SETA Certified Training Facility

Registered with SETA, ABC is qualified to provide full hands-on training to wood chipper operators in the private & commercial sectors. After completion of the training perators are fully qualified to operate any wood chipping equipment.

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Workshop & Field Services

With an intimate understanding of the operational challenges of wood recycling in South Africa, ABC established state-of-the-art facilities and field-services to service, repair & rebuild wood chipper equipment of any make and size.

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Manufacturing Workshop

Our legacy of innovation has been built on more than 80 000 hours operational experience. This enabled us to develop and adapt machines for waste wood recycling in South Africa, which truly adds value to the customer’s operation.

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