Africa Biomass Company provides spreading of mulch with our patented designed chip spreaders.

The mulch spreader is the most effective method to spread wood chips evenly. The spread width and volume can be adjusted, or calibrated, to each client‘s needs and specifications.

ABC’s mulch spreaders are of the highest quality and are efficient.

Wood chips best practice

It is an excellent practice to apply compost and mulch in existing and establishment of new plantations.

Spreading compost in the orchards or vineyards before covering it with mulch will deliver the best result. You can also use wood chips a base to produce compost.

You can buy, or rent, these unique patented designed mulch spreaders from Africa Biomass Company.

Benefits of mulching

  • Retains soil moisture up to 30%;
  • Prevents soil erosion;
  • Provides for temperature and moisture moderation in soil;
  • Suppresses weed germination and growth;
  • Alternative to herbicides in weed control;
  • Enhances microbiology in soil;
  • Reduces volume of applied fertiliser;
  • Improves yield and nutrition in fruit production;
  • Improves root and vegetation growth


Demo Bandit Wood Chipper

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