Site clearing is the process where a company, such as Africa Biomass Company, removes any trees, bushes and rocks from a certain area. A site owner can plant new orchards or vineyards or construction can begin.

This is the first process in expanding your current orchards or vineyards or before you can start construction.

In some cases site clearing is also necessary to clean an area from invasive alien trees and vegetation as part of a government plan to remove these alien trees and put more water back into the current water system.

What happens during this process?

Firstly, Africa Biomass Company uses tree shears to cut trees with a diameter of up to 550 mm. Loggers are used to place these trees into our Bandit The Beast® Horizontal Grinders and then converted into usable wood chips.

These wood chips are then either sold back to the farmer to be spread under new and existing orchards or vineyards or sold to companies requiring woody biomass to create biofuel or generate energy, such as electricity or heat.

Africa Biomass Company then make use of stump grinders and other earthmoving equipment to remove the stumps in the ground, which is also then converted into wood chips.

Africa Biomass Company removes orchard trees and vineyard from root to tip and these unwanted wood biomass is then converted into wood chips.

Well-trained teams to clear sites

Africa Biomass Company employs highly-trained wood chippers, logger and chainsaw operators to clear sites quickly and efficiently.

Areas Africa Biomass Company covers

Having an extensive fleet of loggers, tractors, trailers, mulch spreaders and horizontal grinders (wood recyclers). In partnership with Môreson Grondverskuiwers, an earthmoving company based in the Western Cape, Africa Biomass Company is able to provide our services throughout South Africa and even into neighbouring countries, such as Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, etc.

Site preparation after clearing

As soon as a site is cleared of trees, vegetation and/or rocks, Môreson Grondverskuiwers can rip the site and create ridges to plant new fruit trees. Excavation can also take place if the site is planned to be used for construction.


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