Africa Biomass Company (ABC) is committed to provide you with customer service of the highest standard. With this in mind, various methods have been devised in order to ensure you receive the best customer service available. At Dealer level you will be contacted in order to ascertain your satisfaction with the Dealership you are dealing with.

Our Dealers take pride in their service standard and would like to be given the opportunity to resolve any problems you may experience. Should you have any problems such as a breakdown, call 023 342 1212 for immediate assistance. Please note that this service is only supported in Africa.

Should your query not be resolved at this point, you should then ask to speak to the Dealer Principal / Managing Director of the Dealership. In the event your concern is not resolved by the Dealer Principal / Managing Director, it is suggested that you refer the matter to Africa Biomass Company head office. Our contact number is 023 342 1212 or [email protected]

Your concern will be logged and handled in conjunction with the Dealership concerned and every effort made to resolve it.

1. The Warranty

Africa Biomass Company warrants that in the manufacture of Africa Biomass Company products, quality materials and workmanship have been employed. Africa Biomass Company thus warrants new products manufactured by us to be free from defective materials and workmanship, but subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

Africa Biomass Company’s liability under this warranty is limited, at Africa Biomass Company’s sole discretion, to repair or replace parts found to be defective with either new or reconditioned replacements. Such repair or replacement is to be carried out by Africa Biomass Company, at our cost, by us or a party nominated and authorised by ABC in writing.

2. Exclusion of Common Law Warranty

This warranty is expressly given in lieu of any other warranties, express or implied, including any common law warranty of merchantability or fitness for purpose and Africa Biomass Company makes no other representations whatsoever relating to the products, their condition or quality or their suitability or fitness for any ordinary or special use or purpose.

3. Exclusion of Consequential Loss

In no event shall ABC be liable for any other claim for damages not specifically warranted herein whether such claim arises in contract or delict and including, without limiting the generality hereof, claims in respect of any lack of performance or efficiency of the product, damages arising from loss of profit however incurred, the cost of hiring or purchasing any substitute product, injury or loss to any person or thing, corporation or other entity, including indirect, special or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever.

4. Warranty Term

Our Bandit Chipper carriers the following warranties. Engine for a period of 24 months or 2 000 hours and the body 36 months or 3 000 hours, after delivery to the first user or during the first hours of operation as metered on the service meter, whichever shall occur first.

  1. Tyres are covered for a period of 12 months from manufacturing; defects only.
  2. Batteries are covered for a period of 12 months from manufacturing; defects only.
  3. The following items are only covered for 6 months
    1. Trim items
    2. Driveshaft joints
    3. Exhaust system, including catalytic converter and exhaust oxygen sensor
    4. Shaft bearings and wheel bearings

5. Conditions of Warranty

Upon the occurrence of any fault or defect in a product, the user shall cease operating or using the product and report the fault or defect in writing to Africa Biomass Company. The user shall not commence to operate the product again after reporting the fault without the prior written consent of Africa Biomass Company.

Any determination made by Africa Biomass Company to a claim under this warranty by the user, whether as to the liability of ABC or otherwise, shall be final and binding on the user.

6. ABC Equipment Standard Warranty for New Products

Any unexpired portion of this warranty may be transferred to a new owner on the understanding that all terms and conditions have and will be compiled with but subject to the unit remaining in the country in which it was first sold.

On prior agreement cross border warranty claims may be settled at the (rate and currency) that applies in the country in which the unit was first sold. Africa Biomass Company must be kept informed of any transfer of ownership in writing to affect the transfer of the warranty.

Customers to cover the expense of replacing what ABC considers “bolt-on” items.

7. Exceptions & Exclusions to Warranty

  1. Failure to adhere to recommended maintenance procedures;
  2. The use of consumables, such as oils, fuel, greases, filter elements, antirust or coolant conditioner that does not meet the specifications defined by ABC;
  3. Failure to store new machine stocks under proper storage conditions or without storage maintenance for a period of twelve months;
  4. Failure of the product as a result of it being abused, misused, neglected, accidentally damaged, overloaded or having suffered any other insurable damage which a prudent owner would be expected to affect;
  5. Any change or alteration to the product effected without the prior written consent of ABC;
  6. The use of accessories or the fitting of attachments which are not approved by ABC;
  7. Operation of the product otherwise than in accordance with the Operator’s Manual and any other instructions issued by ABC from time to time;
  8. Failure caused by contaminated fuel, oil or other lubricants;
  9. The chipper has been used for competitions, record attempts or similar event or activities;
  10. The chipper has been modified to increase performance;
  11. Fitment of any parts or accessories not approved by ABC for this specific chipper;
  12. Accidents, misuse or any alteration to the chipper;
  13. The fuel tank has run empty on diesel powered chippers

You should also be aware that the Warranty may not apply should you:

  1. Fail to present your chipper to an ABC approved Dealer / Body Repairer as soon as a problem exists;
  2. Fail to present your chipper to an ABC approved Dealer for a scheduled Services as stipulated at 250 hour intervals;
  3. Fail to sign the service record after every scheduled service;
  4. Alter or remove the chipper identification number (CIN);
  5. Tamper with, alter or disconnect the hour meter

8. Replacement Parts

Where replacement parts are provided under and in terms of this warranty, they are covered for the remainder of the warranty period applicable to the product in which they were installed as if such part was an original component of that product.

9. Responsibilities of User

The Product must, at all times, be maintained and operated in strict accordance with instructions set out in the Operator’s Manual and any other instructions that may be given from time to time by ABC.

In addition, the user shall:

  1. Ensure that 250 hourly or three-monthly services and oil sampling, whichever occur first, are carried out for the duration of the warranty period by an ABC repair facility or its authorised Dealer Network;
  2. Be responsible for and immediately take all recommended precautionary action (including re-sampling) as a result of the above oil analysis;
  3. Ensure that the product has an operating hour meter throughout the warranty period;
  4. Ensure that the product is fitted with original parts only;
  5. Ensure that daily start up inspections and all lubrication requirements are carried out;
  6. Ensure that the machine is made available to carry out warranty repairs during normal working hours. Where the user requests repairs to take place outside normal working hours, the user shall be responsible for any additional costs.

10. General Information

To locate your nearest Africa Biomass Company dealer, call 023 342 1212.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

The pre-delivery inspection will ensure that your new chipper is in a perfect condition and will ensure that your chipper is properly prepared for use. Consult your ABC authorised dealer for details.

Warranty Certificate

Ensure that your selling dealer fills in all the relevant information on the warranty certificate. Keep this guide in your chipper as it introduces you to any ABC dealer in South Africa and adjacent territories. It also entitles you, the owner, to receive service in accordance with the ABC policy.

Installation of Parts Furnished Under Warranty

Parts supplied under the new chipper warranty will be installed either by the selling dealer or if the chipper is away from its normal location any authorised ABC dealer in South Africa and adjacent territories.

Product Recalls

We care about peace of mind and when applicable, will send you a notification if your chipper is subject to a recall. Once notified, it is your responsibility to ensure that the chipper is attended to as soon as possible. Each chipper is uniquely identified by a work order number found on the draw bar. For recall information, you can call our Customer Care Centre with you work order number.

Supplementary Oil and Fuel Additives

Do not use supplementary oil and fuel additives in ABC products. These could result in increased operating costs and component failure. The oils, fuels and fluids recommended in the Warranty Manuel meet the highest specification laid down by ABC for use under all operating conditions.

Severe Operating Conditions

For chippers operating under severe operating conditions, more frequent service intervals will be required. Your servicing Dealer will advise you of a suitable service programme for these operating conditions. If your chipper has a service plan, all costs due to more frequent servicing are not covered. Refer to the Severe Operating Conditions section.

Wheel Balance

Wheel balance are affected by operating conditions such as corrugated roads or driving against the curb, rapid starts and stops, tyre skidding, etc. Balancing contributes to longer tyre life and better chipper handling.

Tyre Rotation

Incorrect inflation pressures, rapid acceleration, quick stops, high chipper speeds and loads, all affect tyre life and can cause uneven wear. Tyres must be rotated regularly to ensure uniform wear and maximum life.

Brake and Clutch Adjustments

Brake and clutch linings are subject to wear usage depending on working conditions and operating habits of each individual operator. Periodic checking of the brake lining condition and clutch linkage adjustment is recommended for safe and trouble-free operation.

Engine Oil Change and Filters

Changing engine oil, air cleaner and oil filter elements at recommended intervals is your best investment to prolong engine life, efficiency and performance. Should a chipper not be in operation for longer than twelve months, the oil must be changed before the chipper is used.

Belt Adjustments

To ensure proper performance of belt-driven engine components, all belts must be checked and adjusted periodically.

NOTE: Drive belts must be replaced at intervals specified in the Service Schedule.

Valves and Carbon Deposits

A degree of carbon built-up is normal in the combustion chambers of any engine, depending on fuel quality and operating conditions. For best results, follow the recommendations of your selling dealer on types and grades of fuels and oils which should be used.


Heat/cold and dusty conditions or unusually wet weather all contributes to the need for lubrication at regular intervals. Throttle linkage, parking brake linkage, body parts and cab latches / hinges, weather-stripping, etc. should receive attention at every oil change.

Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve

Crankcase vapours and other impurities can cause malfunctions of the crankcase ventilation valve. Periodic inspection or replacement may be necessary for smooth engine operation.

Paint and Trim

These are affected by normal wear and exposure. Proper maintenance and care of these items can add to their appearance and durability.

Bulbs and Fuses

Their life is dependent upon use and climatic conditions and they should be replaced when necessary.

Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are subject to wear and/or contamination. They should be inspected periodically and replaced if necessary for maximum performance and economy. Platinum spark plugs should only be changed at recommended service intervals.

Diesel Injectors

Diesel injectors are subject to wear and may deviate from specification after they have been in use for some time. Therefore servicing at the required intervals in accordance with the service schedule is necessary for optimum performance and economy.

Diesel Chippers

For all Diesel-powered derivatives, fuel tanks should not be run empty. The tank must be filled immediately at low fuel level. The diesel injection pump is reliant on lubrication from the diesel fuel and any interruption in the flow of fuel will result in damage to the injection pump

Cooling Hoses

All hoses must be checked and replaced if necessary at intervals specified in the service schedule.

Chipper Storage

Should you consider storing your chipper for any length of time, consult your ABC dealer for correct procedures to be adopted.

When a chipper is operated for a period of three months or 250 hours under severe operating conditions, certain components are to be serviced more frequently. If a chipper has a service plan, costs for additional services are not covered and will be the responsibility of the owner.

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the chipper is serviced according to Severe Operating Conditions if the chipper is operated in conditions as indicated below.

It is important that the following components be serviced more frequently under the following conditions:

  • The additional service items listed below should be carried out in addition to the items as per the normal service schedules;
  • Engine oil and filter, cam-belts, suspension, radiator & cooling fins, ancillary drive belts, brake system, engine air cleaner element, wheel bearings, gearbox and clutch;
  • Tightening of cab/load body mounting bolts. Inspection and dust seals;
  • Removal of all dry grass, seeds and other vegetation from chassis / under carriage and any exposed cavities and radiator;
  • Muddy and wet areas : suspension, steering and parking brake system, wheel bearings and oil for water contamination;
  • Extreme cold weather : Coolant anti-freeze / water percentage mixture content should be 50/50 and battery condition / SG (Specific Gravity).


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