Bandit The Beast Model 2680XP Horizontal Grinder

The Bandit Beast Model 2680XP horizontal grinder is a versatile 610 mm or 890 mm capacity waste reduction machine, capable of processing everything from logging slash to chunk wood, construction waste, roofing shingles and more. The compact, cost-effective Bandit Beast Model 2680XP is available with up to 800 HP delivering performance and production usually found in larger machines.

A heavy-duty track type in feed conveyor that is almost indestructible efficiently feeds all of the different materials that the Beast will process.

The conveyor also serves as the anvil, eliminating the possibility of material wedging between a conveyor and anvil.

Ten slow-moving, dependable augers, that are easy to maintain capture the material that tends to fall underneath the feed system or travel back on the conveyor return and feed the material into the mill.

The conveyor has a six-speed drive allowing the operator to set the feed speed based on the material being processed and the desired end product.

A proportional drive option automatically adjusts the feed speed of the conveyor to engine load.

Key Feature & Options

  • 5.5 m stationary discharge
  • Fifth Wheel or Pintle
  • Hydraulically activated screen that opens to reduce damage to the mill from debris
  • Numerous tooth/screen combinations
  • Dust suppression system
  • Tether remote control
  • Optional wireless remote
  • Optional chipping drum
  • Optional mulch colouring system
  • Optional 9 m discharge
  • Optional proportional feed system
  • Optional 30-tooth cutter mill
  • Optional Magnetic Head Pulley
  • Optional Overband Magnet
  • Optional shingle grinding package
  • 9 m Folding Discharge
  • CAT 320L steel-track undercarriage
  • Hydraulically activated screen that opens to reduce damage to the mill from debris
  • Numerous tooth/screen combinations
  • Radio remote control /w tether backup
  • Dust suppression system
  • Optional chipping drum
  • Optional mulch colouring system
  • Optional 2-speed discharge
  • Optional proportional feed system
  • Optional 30-tooth cutter mill
  • Optional Single, Double, and Triple Grouser Pads
  • Optional Magnetic Head Pulley
  • Optional Overband Magnet
  • Optional shingle grinding package

The Patented Beast Cuttermill – Producing a Higher Value Product at a Lower Production Cost

The Beast’s down-turn cutter mill utilises cutter bodies shaped like a chainsaw tooth.

The raker in front of the tooth regulates the size of the cut, creating a product that’s more uniform in size and consistency.

Whereas most competitive grinders have upward turning mills, The Beast cutter mill turns down to work with gravity instead of against it.

This design provides smoother operation with less vibration and wear-and-tear, and it allows The Beast to cut, split, grind or chip more material at a lower cost-per-ton.

Process Difficult Material That Other Machines Can’t Handle

No other horizontal grinder on the market can handle difficult-to-process material like The Beast.

The down-turn cutter mill combined with a wide in-feed opening, powerful in-feed conveyor and feed wheel easily handle large brush bundles, logs, whole trees, vines material and bulky chunk wood.

The in-feed features multiple speed controls and an auto feed system that reverses material when engine RPM drops.

The Model 2680XP can also be equipped with a proportional feed system that automatically adjusts feed speed to match the engine load.

Create End-Products to Serve Multiple Markets with One Machine

The Beast features a wide array of tooth and screen options to produce an impressive range of end products.

Create high-quality mulch in a single pass from a wide variety of materials, including urban green waste, pallets, sawmill and logging residues, and clearing waste.

The Bandit Beast Model 2680XP recycler are often used to create top-dollar landscaping mulch through chip/mulch regrind, as well as producing playground mulch and coloured mulch with the optional colouriser unit.

Equipped with Beast blades or the dedicated chipping drum, The Beast produces high-quality chips used in a variety of fuel wood markets such as factories and power plants, wood pellet manufacturers, chips for biomass boilers, and much more.

Towable and Self-Propelled to Conquer Any Worksite

The towable Beast Model 2680XP tows easily with either a pintle ring or fifth-wheel hitch.

Self-propelled track machines are ideal for land clearing and operations in difficult terrain where towable machines just can’t reach.

It’s also perfect for large yards or landings where moving towable units is difficult and time-consuming.

With diesel engine options up to 800 horsepower, the Beast 2680XP horizontal grinder has the power to impress.

Improvements Made in 2015 Increased the Productivity of the Machine By Approximately 50% in Many Applications

More than 35 specific enhancements, including a faster mill speed and a faster in-feed speed, allow the Beast Model 2680XP to process more than 270 metres of green waste per hour while still maintaining its ability to process large-diameter material effectively.

Available as Stationary Units With High-Power WEG Electric Motors

The stationary units are especially popular for converting as waste into fuel for biomass plants.

For electric applications, The Beast features industry-proven WEG electric motors with up to 800 HP for exceptional processing capabilities.

Electric units come with soft-start motors and all necessary equipment for a quick, easy setup.

Convert the Bandit Beast Model 2680XP Horizontal Grinder into a High Production Chipper

Grinding teeth on the standard cutter mill are easily replaced with Beast chipper blades to produce a uniform screened chip, ranging in size from a 6 mm “bio-sawdust” micro chip to a standard 20 mm chip.

For companies primarily chipping with The Beast, a dedicated chipper drum is available in lieu of the standard cutter mill – effectively turning The Beast into a large whole tree chipper with screening capability.

Equipped with the optional chip thrower, The Beast can fully load end-opening chip trailers with ease.

Grind Shingles to a Hot Mix Asphalt Supplement in a Single Pass

Many consider the Beast to be the best shingle grinding machine on the market.

The Beast generates less heat when processing shingles because of the patented downturn cutter mill that cuts instead of grinds.

It will produce a dryer finished product to spec without the need for additional screening.

The Beast Serves Renewable Biomass Markets Around the World

The Bandit Beast Model 2680XP Horizontal Grinder provides fuel to many biomass facilities around the world. It is the primary breakdown and sizing machine producing a screened product for wood-red boilers. It processes woody material from recycling yards, wood yards, sawmills and logging operations. It is the go-to machine for processing agricultural residues, including hay, straw, cane and a wide variety of grasses. It is also one of the few machines that can effectively size stringy materials like vines, eucalyptus, and coastal vegetation.

Bandit Beast® Model 2680XP Horizontal Grinder Specifications

Machine weights, feed rates, and other specifications are approximate and will vary depending on options selected. All specifications are subject to change.

Capacity:610 mm610 mm
Opening:1 520 x 610 mm1 520 x 610 mm
Width:2.59 m3.51 m
Height:3.66 m3.66 m
Length:9.83 m9.70 m
Weight:22.22 ton27.66 ton
Fuel Tank:946.25 litres946.25 litres
Hydraulic Tank:529.90 litres529.90 litres
Engine Options:765 – 800 hp540 – 600 hp