Bandit Intimidator™ 18XP Hand-fed Wood Chipper

The Bandit Intimidator™ 18XP Drum Style Hand-Fed Wood Chipper is Bandit’s most popular hand-fed drum-style chipper. With a 530 x 520 mm throat opening, 940 mm diameter drum, aggressive engine options and Bandit’s Slide Box Feed System it absolutely dominates everything else in the 460 mm chipper category. It’s designed for tree services and municipalities that regularly work both small projects and big takedowns, yet still want a machine that’s easy to manoeuvre and transport.

Key Features and Options

  • 345˚ rotating height-adjustable discharge chute with adjustable chip deflector
  • Petrol or Diesel engines available
  • Reversing auto feed
  • Slide box feed system with dual horizontal feed wheels
  • Optional hydraulic feed wheel lift cylinder
  • Optional hydraulic bottom bump bar
  • Optional 270˚ hydraulic swivel discharge
  • Optional welded HD in-feed tray
  • Optional hydraulic winch

Chip Branches With Limited Preparation

The Bandit Intimidator™ 18XP Hand-Fed Wood Chipper easily handles branches with its chipper’s large throat opening and Bandit’s proven Slide Box Feed System. This system features powerful dual horizontal feed rollers 500 mm wide by 270 mm in diameter, powered by 32.3 CID hydraulic motors. The feed rollers are positioned within inches of the chipping blades, effectively controlling even the wildest trees and branches. This reduces trimming time and labor costs while increasing production.

Excels at Chipping Large Diameter Materials

The large 940 mm drum allows much of the material to be chipped on the bottom half of the drum, with the grain of the wood like a disc-style chipper. The material is chipped using less energy and with less vibration, maximising fuel economy and reducing maintenance. The large chipper opening and sloped in-feed system makes it easy to feed large logs, branches and whole trees into the chipper.

Slide Box Feed System

This unique system allows the top feed wheel to move straight up and down with the ow and diameter of material passing through the feed system into the chipper. The slide box feed system provides direct down pressure for crushing material. Included within the slide box, is the patented spring tensioning system along with the hydraulic lift cylinder providing additional down pressure for unmatched pulling and compressing power making the unit easier to feed and more productive.

Significantly Less Maintenance

TheBandit Intimidator™ 18XP Hand-Fed Wood Chipper has a heavy, reinforced drum with internal baf es. The chipper drum and shaft should last the lifetime of the chipper and are backed by a five-year GUTS warranty. Rugged construction and heavy-duty components throughout theBandit Intimidator™ 18XP Hand-Fed Wood Chipper help ensure long life and trouble-free performance. We realise what it costs when a chipper is down, and though we can’t eliminate all downtime, we do our best to minimise it.

Higher Quality Chips Per Load

TheBandit Intimidator™ 18XP Hand-Fed Wood Chipper throws chips with more force due to the pocket design, the larger drum diameter, smooth transition, smooth discharges and the patented Power Slot. This means more chips per load and fewer trips to the dump site. It also means chips from a Bandit wood chipper have better uniformity compared to rival machines, commanding higher prices when sold and making them easier to dispose of.

Bandit Intimidator™ 18XP Specifications

Capacity: 460 mm
Opening: 520 x 530 mm
Width: 2.26 m
Height: 2.64 m
Length (closed): 4.87 m
Length (open): 5.51 m
Weight: 4 ton
Feed Rate: 30.50 m/min
Fuel Tank: 113.50 litres
Hydraulic Tank: 45.40 litres
Engine Options: 70 – 85 hp