Bandit Model 65XP Disc Style Hand-Fed Engine Wood Chipper

For over 15 years, the Bandit Model 65XP disc style hand-fed wood chipper has served as the mainstay brush chipper for both rental companies and tree service professionals. Compact in stature but big on performance, the Bandit Model 65XP features a wide throat opening that’s twice the size of most other chippers in the 150 mm category. The Model 65XP uses a chipping disc placed at a 90˚ angle to the in-feed opening, making it much more effective at chipping smaller diameter brush, branches and vine material.

At Bandit Industries, there’s no such thing as “entry level”. Our most compact disc-style chippers are given the same attention to detail and pack the same heavy-duty construction as their bigger brothers. These rugged, compact, hydraulic-feed disc-style hand-fed chippers are the primary chippers for many tree and landscape contractors, and they make great rental machines!

Key Features and Options

  • 360˚ Rotating discharge chute
  • 90˚ Chipping angle
  • Petrol or Diesel engines available
  • Reversing auto feed
  • Wide 300 x 150 mm throat opening
  • Optional Dual feed wheels
  • Optional Hand crank height adjustable discharge

Rugged and Powerful Enough to be Your Primary Chipper

Tree care and landscape contractors, municipalities, parks and recreation departments, and rental companies all rely on the Bandit Model 65XP to process a steady diet of trees, brush and pruning up to 150 mm diameter. The larger chipper disc, shaft and components make it the most reliable 150 mm chipper available. Plus the large diameter feed wheel with bearing support on both ends will last longer and require less maintenance than any other 150 mm chipper.

Chip Rougher Material with Less Trimming

The 150 x 300 mm opening is double the size of most competitive chippers. This allows the Bandit Model 65XP to process multiple pieces simultaneously as well as forked limbs that will not fit through competitive chippers without trimming. The large diameter feed wheel powered by a 635 mm3 displacement hydraulic motor folds limbs and branches into the chipper. Powerful engine options are available with petrol and diesel engines available from 20 to 27 hp.

Easy On The Operator

The sloped in feed tray makes it easy to slide material to the feed system. The large chipper opening allows material to  ow smoothly into the chipper while reducing trimming. Numerous safety items are included.

Load Chip Trailers To The Max

The amazing discharge velocity and directional discharge control pack chip trailers to the max reducing trips to the dump site. Unique chip throwers and nonrestrictive transitions through the discharge chute create the throwing velocity, while a 360° swivel discharge and a directional discharge flipper give you total control over the direction of chips.

Compact Chipper That Is Easy To Get Into Tight Spots

The Bandit Model 65XP wood chipper is easy to tow and manoeuvre. It is self-propelled when equipped with a rubber track undercarriage.

Easy to Maintain

The chipper hood opens to easily access and change the bolt in double sided blades. All grease points are easy to reach. Maintenance decals detailing routine maintenance procedures are conveniently located on the machine.

A Proven Chipper

Thousands of Bandit Model 65XP are in operation and some for more than 20 years. These are truly the Cadillac of the 150 mm chippers. Their proven performance and reliability are a reason that they hold their resale value.

Many Ways to Configure Your Bandit Model 65XP Wood Chipper

The Bandit Model 65XP is a versatile wood chipper and can be customised to fit your needs.

Chip Deflector

The directional discharge flipper gives you total control over the direction of chips.


Available with a rubber track undercarriage, the Bandit Model 65XP can be taken right to the trees.

Dual Feed Wheel Option

For additional pulling and feeding capabilities, select the dual feed wheel option for the Bandit Model 65XP.

Bandit Model 65XP Specifications

Capacity: 150 mm
Opening: 305 x 150 mm
Width: 1.7 m
Height: 2.29 m
Length (closed): 3.25 m
Length (open): 3.86 m
Weight: 1.36 ton
Feed Rate: 24.38 m/min
Fuel Tank: 26.5 litres
Hydraulic Tank: 26.5 litres
Engine Options: 20 – 27 hp