ABC Patented Custom Designed Mulch Spreaders

You have the option to either rent or buy a custom designed mulch spreader from Africa Biomass Company.

There are many different brands of mulch and compost spreaders on the market today. As a contracting company, ABC was not satisfied with the products on the market and in 2013 Africa Biomass Company build their first mulch spreader.

After more than 5 years of continually improving the design, Africa Biomass Company is very proud to announce that they have a few contracting teams in the field to spread chips, compost, mulch or straw in your orchard or vineyard.

Customised Vineyard Mulch Spreader

Africa Biomass Company’s mulch spreaders spread material evenly and are adjustable to achieve the desired amount of material per hectare.

The 550 mm wide conveyor has a specific design that spreads mulch, assisted with a spinner to prevent blockages allow for even distribution of mulch.

This combination is quite productive, and patented design of ABC’s mulch spreader works so wonderfully in ABC’s fleet, that the company has decided to sell these mulch spreaders.

Different Size Mulch Spreaders

The mulch spreaders come in 3 basic sizes:

  • 4 m³ – wine & table grapes
  • 6 m³ – pome & stone fruit
  • 9 m³ – citrus

All mulch spreaders have a width and height of 2 x 2.3 m. Minimum turn distance is 3m for the 4 m³ to 4m for the 7m³. A 50 – 100hp tractor with basic PTO and hydraulics is needed to tow and power ABC’s mulch spreaders.

The mulch spreader is very rugged, easy to use and maintain and is backed by a 2-year structure & 1-year non-wearing parts warranty.

The mulch spreaders can be used to spread mulch on flat surfaces or ridges.

Africa Biomass Company Patented Designed Orchard Mulch Spreader

ABC Patented Designed Mulch Spreader Specifications

Wine & Table GrapesPome & Stone FruitCitrus
Spread Capacity:12 – 20 m³/hr18 – 30 m³/hr20 – 34 m³/hr
Height:1.5 m2.3 m2.3 m
Length:3.6 m4.4 m6.0 m
Width:1.5 m2.0 m2.0 m
Belt Width:N/A550 mm550 mm
Tyres:7.50 – 16 | 12 ply12.00 – 18 | 10 ply12.00 – 18 | 10 ply
Rims:16″ standard18″ standard18″ standard
Axle:1x 2.5-ton low speed1x 4-ton low speed2x 4-ton low speed
Turning Distance:3 m3.4 m4 m
Tractor Power:50 – 75 hp50 – 110 hp50 – 110 hp
Adjustable Conveyor Speed:NoYesYes