Bandit Model 2290S Stationary Wood Chipper

Bandit now offers the Model 2290S stationary electric powered chipper for processing sawmill residues and roundwood. Based on the extremely popular Model 2290 towable whole tree chipper, the Model 2290S is the powerful, durable and capable stationary chipper mill operators have been waiting for.

Based on the Model 2290 Whole Tree Chipper, the Model 2290S features a 670 x  620 mm chipper throat opening to easily handle large slabs and roundwood. It chips with Bandit’s legendary 940 mm chipping drum with a single top feed wheel in the proven Slide Box Feed System. Proven WEG electric motors with soft-start starters provide a dependable, easy-to-install power package. Diesel engine options are also available.

Key Features And Options

  • Slide box feed system with dual horizontal feed wheels
  • Steel-slated in-feed conveyor
  • Optional reversing auto feed
  • Optional bottom chip discharge

Reliable High Production Chipper

Rated as a 20” capacity chipper, the Model 2290 Stationary features a large 670 x 620 mm  throat opening to easily accept large volumes of slabs, edgings, cut offs, and 500 mm diameter roundwood. A 810 mm wide by 690 mm diameter feed wheel mounted in Bandit’s proven Slide Box Feed System controls the  ow of material into the chipper. Processing the material is Bandit’s legendary chipper drum, built on a solid drum shaft with internal baf ing to make the drum assembly virtually indestructible.

Serve Multiple Chip Markets With One Machine

The Model 2290S with a standard drum can produce high-quality dimensional chips in numerous sizes, or opt for Bandit’s popular micro chip drum with twice the knives to produce micro chips. Converting the micro chip drum for conventional chip production is as simple as blocking off knife pockets, allowing operators the flexibility to create a wide range of chip sizes. Serve metallurgical and charcoal markets with large chips, mulch producers and biomass boilers with conventional chips, and wood pellet mills with micro chips.

Produce Semi-Screen Chips

Bandit’s popular card breaker system for whole tree chippers is also available for the Model 2290S. This simple-but-effective device stops larger material from passing through the chipper to produce a precisely sized end product.

Precisely Control Material Entering The Chipper

A remote control regulates the speed of the Model 2290S’s steel in-feed conveyor and feed wheel, giving operators better control over chip size. A faster feed produces a larger chip, while a slower speed produces a longer chip.

Throw Chips Harder Without Chip Accelerators

Proprietary designs for Bandit drum housings and discharge chutes give the Model 2290S incredible chip velocity to fully load the largest chip trailers. For mills using a discharge conveyor, a bottom discharge is available to drop chips onto the conveyor belt.

Durable Design That Is Easy To Maintain

The Model 2290S is built with the same thorough welded construction and attention-to-detail give to all Bandit equipment. Blades are easily accessible for removal and installation. Feed system and hydraulic components are simple to reach and maintain.

Other Stationary Electric Models Available

Stationary electric versions of other popular Bandit whole tree chippers are available with chipping capacities up to 36 inches. No matter how big the chipping application, Bandit has a stationary electric chipper for any job.

Model 3090 Stationary Chipper

The aggressive processing power of the Model 3090 Electric is a high-powered solution for mills dealing with big roundwood and large amounts of material. 910 x 760 mm throat opening with WEG motors deliver amazing production.

Model 2590 Stationary Chipper

Bandit’s popular whole tree chipper comes with heavy duty WEG motors and a wide 760 x 670 mm throat opening. Ideal for processing slabs and roundwood.

Model 2290S Stationary Chipper Specifications

Machine weights, feed rates, and other specifications are approximate and will vary depending on options selected. All specifications are subject to change.

Length:8.5 m
Width:3.2 m
Height:3.5 m
Weight:11.8 ton
Capacity:510 mm
Throat Opening:670 x 620 mm
Feed Rate:28 m/min – 16 mm chip
Feed System:Slide Box System
Drum:Diameter: 940 mm
Width: 480 mm
Thick: 10 mm
Auto Feed:Standard
Drive:5KV Kevlar Belts (3)
Adjustable Springs:2x 430 mm
Horizontal Feed Wheels:480 mm
Displacement (CID)63.9 / 14.5
Hydraulic Motors:3
Discharge:Stationary, constructed with HR steel & replaceable top made of AR steel
Deflector:Up/Down and side-to-side hydraulic chip deflector
Frame:13 x 100 x 300 mm rectangular tubing