Bandit Model 2250R Hydrostatic Stump Grinder/Cutter

The Bandit Model 2250R Hydrostatic Stump Grinder is compact, cost-effective and aggressive when it comes to performance.

Featuring a 530 mm diameter cutter wheel with direct hydrostatic drive and a class-leading side-to-side cutter swing, the Bandit Model 2250R Hydrostatic Stump Grinder can grind small and medium-sized stumps quickly and efficiently.

Large flotation tires and a two-wheel drive self-propelled undercarriage takes the Bandit Model 2250R Hydrostatic Stump Grinder across delicate lawns without issue, and at 890 mm wide, it fits comfortably through backyard gates.

The Bandit Model 2250R Hydrostatic Stump Grinder is a revolutionary machine in the smaller stump grinder arena, ideally suited both for rental companies and stump grinding professionals with its 25 HP petrol engine.

It uses a heavy-duty hydrostatic motor to directly power the cutter wheel, eliminating the need for a clutch, jackshaft, drive belt, belt tensioning system, and the many sheaves and bearings associated with those components.

This considerably reduces downtime for maintenance, which translates to a lower cost of ownership and a more productive machine.

Key Features and Options

  • 1 300 mm side-to-side cutter swing
  • Beltless hydrostatic direct-drive
  • Single speed 2WD
  • Optional colours

High Power With Low Maintenance

Bandit’s hydrostatic direct-drive stump grinders deliver all the stump grinding power demanded by professionals, without all of the maintenance normally associated with stump grinders.

It’s not uncommon for companies to see maintenance costs drop by as much as 30 percent, compared to traditional stump grinders.

Class-Leading Performance

The Bandit Model 2250R Hydrostatic Stump Grinder features a class-leading 1 300 mm cutter swing for grinding, while also grinding to a depth of 360 mm.

Equipped with the Bandit Revolution wheel as standard equipment, you’ll spend less time repositioning and changing teeth and more time grinding.

In addition, the Bandit Model 2250R Hydrostatic Stump Grinder manoeuvres well in tight areas, enabling users to get to, and through, stumps faster than competitive machines.

Beltless Hydrostatic Drive

With no drive belts, sheaves, bearings or clutches to worry about, engaging the cutter wheel is as simple as pushing a lever.

Easy-to-use machine-mounted controls are intuitive and positioned to provide superior visibility while grinding, allowing the operator to take full advantage of the Bandit Model 2250R Hydrostatic Stump Grinder’s capabilities.

This reliable system delivers power directly to the cutter wheel with virtually no parasitic power loss.

Bandit Model 2250R Hydrostatic Stump Grinder Specifications

Machine weights, feed rates, and other specifications are approximate and will vary depending on options selected. All specifications are subject to change.

Width:890 mm
Height:1.14 m
Length:2.72 m
Weight:625.85 kg
Cutting Swing:1.27 m
Cutting Depth:355 mm
Cutting Height:620 mm