Bandit Model 2290 Drum-Style Whole Tree Chipper

The Bandit Model 2290 whole tree chipper is a compact, extremely versatile drum-style whole tree chipper that is popular with land clearers and loggers.

Featuring a standard track-type in-feed conveyor with powerful feed wheels and big horsepower options, the Bandit Model 2290 whole tree chipper delivers aggressive crushing and whole tree chipping power in a compact platform.

As with all Bandit whole tree chippers, the Bandit Model 2290 produces a very uniform chip that is ideal for biomass and mulch markets.

Key Features & Options

  • Dual hydraulic feed wheel lift cylinders
  • Fixed or rotating discharge with chip deflector
  • Radio remote control with tether backup
  • Reversing auto feed
  • Slide box feed system with dual horizontal feed wheels
  • Optional grapple loader
  • Optional operator cab with loader
  • Optional over-the-top discharge

Maximum Production

Though rated as a 500 mm capacity chipper, the Bandit Model 2290 features a large 670 x 620 mm chipper opening to easily accept large whole trees.

A synchronised feed system delivers material to the drum at the rate the chipper wants it, increasing productivity and fuel economy while reducing machine wear and tear.

Unmatched Chip Throwing Velocity

Proprietary designs for Bandit drum housings and discharge chutes allow the Bandit Model 2290 whole tree chipper to throw chips with tremendous force, ensuring chip trailers are filled to capacity.

The stationary discharge chute features a hydraulically operated chip deflector to throw chips up, down, left or right.

Powerful Feed Systems

Bandit’s patented Slide Box Feed System uses direct down pressure combined with hydraulic power at the feed wheels to aggressively pull in, compress and crush material with minimal trimming.

Horsepower Options Galore

The Bandit Model 2290 can be configured with engines ranging from 350 to 600 hp. Engines from most major manufacturers are available, allowing you to match the chipper to the rest of your fleet.

Unmatched Reliability – Minimal Down Time – Maximum Machine Life

At the heart of the Bandit Model 2290 whole tree chipper is Bandit’s legendary 940 mm diameter chipping drum.

Bandit drums are constructed with oversized shafts and bearings, and a rigid internal baffling system that makes them virtually indestructible.

These drums, along with the use of high-quality materials, industry standard components and extensive welded construction, serve as the foundation for Bandit’s proven reputation for durability and reliability.

They’re also the basis for the industry’s most comprehensive warranty – Bandit’s five-year GUTS warranty that covers the drum, feed system and related components.

Bandit Model 2290 Drum-Style Whole Tree Chipper Specifications

Machine weights, feed rates, and other specifications are approximate and will vary depending on options selected. All specifications are subject to change.

Capacity:500 mm
Opening:670 x 620 mm
Width:2.49 m
Height:3.53 m
Length:9.14 m
Weight:6.8 ton
Feed Rate:36.57 m/min
Fuel Tank:492 litres
Hydraulic Tank:321.73 litres
Engine Options:350 – 600 hp