Bandit Model 2400XP Disc-Style Whole Tree Chipper

Bandit’s largest disc-style chipper, the Bandit Model 2400XP disc-style whole tree chipper features a 740 x 610 mm throat opening and Bandit’s powerful Slide Box Feed System to easily handle large, limby whole trees.

The feed system is positioned close to the chipper opening for increased uniformity in the chips, and the system itself is synchronised to the feed rate of the chipper.

The Bandit Model 2400XP whole tree chipper can fully pack large chip trailers in as little as 15 minutes.

Key Features & Options

  • Dual hydraulic feed wheel lift cylinders
  • Radio remote control with tether backup
  • Reversing auto feed
  • Slide box feed system with dual horizontal feed wheels
  • Optional proportional feed system
  • Optional operator cab with loader
  • Optional 2.7 m in-feed conveyor
  • Optional fifth wheel hook up

Chip Production And Quality

The Bandit Model 2400XP, is designed to produce an extremely uniform wood chip for pulp and paper markets, with the chips also suitable for particle board production, and as fuel for a range of biomass boilers.

The Model 2400XP whole tree chipper produces an extremely uniform chip ranging from 16 – 22 mm with a consistent thickness.

Innovative Disc-Chipper Technology

Material meets the chipper disc at an approximate 45˚ angle so material is cut with the grain of the wood, similar to whittling.

This provides an efficient cut, requiring less horsepower to chip larger material, reducing fuel consumption and lessening vibration.

Cupped paddles attached to the disc to capture chips and propel them out the discharge at tremendous velocity, providing enough force to fully pack chip trailers.

An optional dirt separator is also available, which assists in removing a large portion of the loose bark, limbs, and dirt that shake loose during the chipping process.

Powerful Feed System

The five-wheel system features two horizontal top feed wheels, one horizontal bottom feed wheel, and two vertical side wheels.

Dual angled top feed wheels creates more surface area to pull in and compress material as it enters the chipper, and maximum down pressure is placed on material, keeping it from slipping.

The side feed wheels and bottom feed wheel provide additional advantage for pulling in limby material. This feed system generates tremendous torque and pulling force.

Proven Slide Box System: It’s Like Giving Yourself A 5% Pay Increase

The Bandit Model 2400XP is equipped with Bandit’s proven Slide Box Feed System that provides direct down pressure on material entering the chipper.

Bandit’s feed systems are legendary, providing exceptional crushing and compressing power to process wide crotches and limbs with virtually no trimming required.

The feed system is positioned close to the chipper opening for increased uniformity in the chips, and the system itself is synchronised to the feed rate of the chipper.

Wood is never forced against the disc which can cause a braking action, nor is wood held back from the disc which can create  nes.

The feed system design all but eliminates the spillage of chips adding as much as 5% to your chip yield while eliminating the need to clean up the spillage.

Maximum Production – Superior Throwing Power

The Bandit Model 2400XP is an end-discharge chipper with a hydraulic swivel and deflector at the end of the discharge spout.

It’s also equipped with a dirt separator for removing dirt and loose bark that becomes dislodged from the tree during chipping.

It maintains the aggressive chip throwing power for which Bandit chippers are known, easily loading the largest 15 m trailers and throwing 35 ton loads in under 15 minutes.

Chips Faster – Throws Harder – Built Stronger To Last Longer

When you invest in a Bandit whole tree chipper, you’ll experience more uniform chip production, smooth, efficient chipping, long-lasting components, sturdy steel construction and more available options than any other manufacturer.

Bandit Model 2400XP Disc-Style Whole Tree Chipper Specifications

Machine weights, feed rates, and other specifications are approximate and will vary depending on options selected. All specifications are subject to change.

Capacity:610 mm
Opening:740 x 610 mm
Width:3.51 m
Height:3.78 m
Length:9.02 m
Weight:24.94 ton
Feed Rate:41.15 m/min
Fuel Tank:757 litres
Hydraulic Tank:587 litres
Engine Options: