Bandit Model 2590 Drum-Style Whole Tree Chipper

The Bandit Model 2590 outperforms all other whole tree chippers in its class, striking a perfect balance between size, power and production.

Officially rated as a 640 mm capacity chipper, the Model 2590’s wide 760 x 670 mm throat opening allows it to easily process large whole tree and branches.

It’s an established favourite among loggers processing whole trees and logging slash, filling a 35-ton chip trailer in under 25 minutes.

Equipped with a self-propelled track undercarriage, the Model 2590 is also perfect for land clearing operations.

Bandit’s proven reputation for durability and reliability comes from our drum construction, use of high-quality materials and solid welded construction.

The 950 mm diameter chipping drum in the Bandit Model 2590 whole tree chipper is virtually indestructible with oversized shafts and bearings, thick skins made with wear-resistant material, and rigid internal baffling.

That’s why so many Bandit Model 2590 chippers are still in front-line service after years on the job, and also why this whole tree chipper is backed by a standard five-year GUTS warranty.

Key Features & Options

  • Clean feed system
  • Dual hydraulic feed wheel lift cylinders
  • Radio remote control with tether backup
  • Reversing auto feed
  • Slide box feed system with dual horizontal feed wheels
  • Stationary discharge with adjustable chip deflector
  • Optional grapple loader
  • Optional micro chip drum
  • Optional proportional feed system
  • Optional operator cab with loader
  • Optional fifth wheel hook up

Produce a Ton of Chips Every Minute

The Model 2590’s synchronised feed system delivers material at 37 meters per minute.

Combined with a wide throat opening and engine options up to 765 hp, the Bandit Model 2590 whole tree chipper can easily chip more than a ton of chips per minute.

The only challenge is keeping this hungry chipper fed!

Throw Chips Harder & Farther While Using 30% Less Fuel

The more chips you can pack per load, the more money you make.

Bandit’s proprietary designs for the drum, drum housing and tapered discharge give the Model 2590 extreme chip throwing power – without the need for a bulky, power-robbing chip accelerator.

Accelerators and auxiliary blowers can rob as much as 100 HP from the engine, not to mention the extra maintenance required for upkeep.

Compared to competitive chippers with accelerators, a Bandit Model 2590 whole tree chipper can use up to 30% less fuel per tonne of chips produced.

Crush & Compress Tops & Trees with Ease

The Model 2590 chipper’s dual feed wheels make the most of Bandit’s proven Slide Box Feed System, which provides direct down pressure to aggressively pull in, crush and compress large whole trees. Additional trim work is seldom required, even for forked limbs and large crotches.

Bandit’s Clean Feed System Increases Yield By as Much as Five Percent

The Bandit Model 2590 drum-style whole tree chipper’s unique Clean Feed system limits the discharge of chips that can travel to the rear of the chipper from the in-feed conveyor return.

This proprietary system discharges dirt, trash and leaves while leaving chips to pass through the discharge.

Capturing these chips can increase yields by as much as 5%.

Serve Multiple Fuel Wood Markets with One Machine

The Bandit Model 2590 can produce a range of dimensional chips for many fuel wood and biomass applications.

Bandit’s standard chipping drum is used for common 20 mm chips, while a separate drum style is available to produce large 50 mm chips.

Also available is Bandit’s micro chip drum for producing 6 mm micro chips used in wood pellet production.

For companies working with multiple chip markets, the micro chip drum can easily be converted to create standard chips by blocking off drum pockets.

All drums work in conjunction with the Model 2590’s synchronised feed system and card breakers to produce chips of exceptional quality and uniformity, further serving to build your bottom line.

Get on Track with a Self-Propelled Undercarriage

Land and right-of-way clearing operations are expanding, and the Bandit Model 2590 is a popular choice for contractors requiring high-production with all-terrain capability.

Riding on the industry-proven CAT® 320L steel-track undercarriage, the Bandit Model 2590 features an easy-to-use wireless remote that allows full control of the chipper from a nearby location, such as an on-site loader.

Track chippers can also be equipped with operator cabs and loaders to make them fully independent land clearing machines.

Go Where You Want to Go With a Self Propelled Chipper

Customisation is part of the Bandit ownership experience.

Choose from standard or over-the-top discharge chutes to load open-top trailers. Pintle or fifth-wheel hitches are available for transport.

Numerous engine options from multiple manufacturers allow companies to match their Bandit Model 2590 whole tree chipper to existing fleets for easier maintenance.

Operator cabs and built-in loaders are popular for towable and track machines, while numerous convenience features like on-board air compressors and light packages help workers stay productive on the job site.

Bandit Model 2590 Drum-Style Whole Tree Chipper Specifications

Machine weights, feed rates, and other specifications are approximate and will vary depending on options selected. All specifications are subject to change.

Capacity:560 mm
Opening:760 x 670 mm
Width:3.02 m
Height:3.53 m
Length:9.14 m
Weight:16.55 ton
Feed Rate:36.57 m/min
Fuel Tank:492 litres
Hydraulic Tank:320 litres
Engine Options:765 hp