Bandit Model 3590XL Drum-Style Whole Tree Chipper

Imagine chipping entire grapple loads of the roughest tops and slash at one time, filling trailers at rates exceeding 5 tons per minute with uniform chips ranging from 6 – 25 mm in length.

The Bandit Model 3590XL drum-style whole tree chipper can do this and more with a 1200 x 910 mm throat opening, aggressive five-wheel feed system and engine options from 800 to 1200 HP.

But the appeal of this chipper is more than just raw processing power – it also brings greater efficiency to the entire operation. Support equipment is constantly working to keep up with the chipper.

Chip vans aren’t sitting idle waiting for loads. The speed and productivity of the Bandit Model 3590XL whole tree chipper increase the overall productivity of your operation, reducing labour costs per tonne of material produced.

Key Features & Options

  • Clean feed system
  • Dual hydraulic feed wheel lift cylinders
  • Radio remote control with tether backup
  • Reversing auto feed
  • Slide Box Feed System with 5 feed wheels (3 horizontal, 2 vertical)
  • Stationary discharge with adjustable chip deflector
  • Optional micro chip drum
  • Optional proportional feed system
  • Optional operator cab with loader

Fully Load Trailers With No Auxiliary Chip Accelerators

Proprietary designs for Bandit chipping drums, transitions and discharges provide an uninhibited flow of chips from the blades, delivering aggressive chip throwing power without any need for add-on accelerators or blowers.

These devices can rob as much as 100 hp from the engine to operate, reducing production while also significantly increasing fuel consumption.

Even with 1 200 hp, the Bandit Model 3590XL uses approximately 30% less fuel per ton than competitive chippers.

The uninterrupted throwing power also packs an additional three tons per load, which adds up quick!

Easily Chip Full Grapple Loads & Nasty Tops

The aggressive five-wheel Slide Box Feed System on the Bandit Model 3590XL Drum-Style Whole Tree Chipper utilises a durable in-feed chain, bottom feed wheel, two vertical feed wheels and two top feed wheels set at an angle to easily climb material.

The pulling and crushing power of this feed system is unmatched, allowing operators to feed the Model 3590XL chipper full grapple loads of multiple whole trees and forked tops at one time.

Virtually no prep work is needed to feed material, and the Bandit Model 3590XL chips with a smooth ow that experiences very few hang-ups.

Synchronised Feed Systems Deliver Greater Efficiency With A Better End-Product

The Slide Box Feed System controls the ow of wood to within inches of the chipper blades and is synchronised to deliver material just as the chipper wants it.

Wood is never pushed against the drum, which can have a braking effect that reduces both chipping power and fuel economy.

Wood is also never held back from the drum, which can create poor chip quality.

Clean Feed System Increases Yield By As Much As 5%

Bandit’s Clean Feed system virtually eliminates chip carry-around and unintended chip discharge under the in-feed area.

Capturing these chips normally lost by other chippers will increase yield by as much as 5%. It’s like giving yourself a 5% raise with each load!

Bandit Model 3590XL Drum-Style Whole Tree Chipper Specifications

Machine weights, feed rates, and other specifications are approximate and will vary depending on options selected. All specifications are subject to change.

Capacity:910 mm
Opening:1 210 x 910 mm
Width:3.61 m
Height:3.78 m
Length:13.26 m
Weight:34.47 ton
Feed Rate:27.43 m/min
Fuel Tank:1 325 litres
Hydraulic Tank:757 litres
Engine Options:1 200 hp